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Services provider by the plan


    Medical and dental services, up to the maximum amount you have selected, include assistance services for any unexpected medical emergency that you may experience during a trip, from a tooth ache to an emergency medical transportation.

    Medical Dental

    Our travel assistance plans offer access to a global network of call centers available at any time that you need advise, orientation or help with an emergency or unexpected situation during a trip.

  • Additional Travel Assistance Services


    Our services include legal assistance, air evacuations, compensation for lost luggage, and many other, in order to assist you in dealing with unforeseen emergencies and setbacks that may occur during a trip. ViajeroPlus offers affordable travel assistance plans that are ideal for students travels, and for business, leisure, and even adventure trips. We also meet the requirements of the Schengen visa for European travel.

    We offer plans with no age limit and with different service options. That's why savvy travelers when traveling abroad, always pack a ViajeroPlus card along with your passport and credit cards.